Jeeves MNL

Environmental Credentials

At Jeeves of Belgravia, we have a responsibility towards the environment to use the greenest dry cleaning and laundry solutions. It is our mission to source, test, and innovates using products that fulfill a double purpose. Not only must they effectively clean your garments, but they must also have minimal impact on our natural surroundings. We use various methods to achieve this, including GreenEarth® technology. An innovative dry cleaning process which uses liquid silicone, a safe and natural by-product of sand, GreenEarth® is 100% non-toxic. Unlike harsh petrochemical solvents, GreenEarth® cleaning is less abrasive. A plus for garment care, this solution gentler and proven to protect against wear, shrinkage and colour fade. 

GreenEarth® cleaning is particularly suitable for treating cashmere, leather, suede and embellishments.  Jeeves also dry cleans using the K4 system, an environmentally friendly and safe process involving the use of biodegradable and dermatologically tested solutions.   As a Royal Warrant holder, we are committed to making every possible effort to keep packaging to a minimum, reducing waste and using recyclable materials in our presentation methods.  Our repair and restoration services naturally deprioritise throwaway culture and promote extending the life of garments, accessories, and home textiles.

Reducing clothes waste and empowering women

As well as replacing abrasive chemicals, we have an initiative in place to make the best use of uncollected clothing. The items our customers do not collect from us are high-quality and, of course, impeccably clean. We now donate these to Smart Works.

Established in London in 2013, this wonderful organisation supports women experiencing difficulties finding employment.

Once they have secured a job interview, Smart Works invites them to a two-hour styling and coaching session. This is designed to instil them with the confidence and clothing they need to secure work.

After these sessions, 64% of women are offered the position. Overall, 94% claim that the support they receive significantly increases their confidence to succeed.

We couldn’t be prouder to work alongside Smart Works. In addition to giving uncollected clothes, we also encourage our customers to donate their high-quality unwanted garments to the organisation.

You can find out more about our partnership with Smart Works in our dedicated blog post celebrating International Women’s Day.