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Home Textiles

Select the premium cleaning, repair and restoration treatments your home textiles require to keep your personal spaces individual, stylish and comfortable.

Vintage Rugs, Curtain and Carpet Cleaning

Home textiles add individuality to your surroundings, as well as enhancing the comfort and overall look of your personal space. With so many varieties of brand-new or vintage textiles, rugs and carpets, individual attention is needed to keep them in top condition.  

At Jeeves, our quality curtain cleaning and restoration services include vintage curtain cleaning and a no-shrinkage guarantee for lined and interlined curtains. We repair curtain pelmets, swags and tiebacks and treat many fabrics from linen and cotton to chenille and voile. Cleaning and maintenance of other window dressings such as Austrian, Festoon and Roman Blinds is also within our services offering. 

Jeeves’ professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services include Persian rug cleaning and rug restoration. Evaluating each piece with expert attention, our craftspeople use rug restoration techniques to carefully lift marks and correct holes, splits, burns and stains. From Persian rugs to Axminster carpets, our services are tailored to your requirements and can ensure your treasured pieces last for decades. 

For your convenience, book our take-down and re-hang services and have your curtains and rugs collected and returned with our complimentary door-to-door delivery.