Jeeves MNL


Whether it’s a business trip overseas or business as usual, the society wedding of the year or simply drinks with great friends, your shirt is one of the most noticeable and important parts of your ensemble.

With Jeeves, each shirt – whether it is silk or 100% cotton – goes through a thorough pre-inspection, grading, and treatment, before being meticulously finished by hand.

You may choose how you’d like your much loved shirts to be returned to you – either expertly folded and presented in packaging, or on a hanger ready for you to wear when you next need them.

Spilled something on your shirt?
Here's a quick tip:

If you’ve spilled something on your shirt and need a short-term fix until you can get to Jeeves,
never rub the stain as this actually sets the stain further into the fabric. Just dab it lightly!