Jeeves MNL

Leather, Suede, & Fur

Maintaining your opulent suede, leather and fur pieces is a specialist undertaking requiring expert attention and care.

Specialists in delicate leather, suede, and fur cleaning

Suede, leather and fur pieces are individual, often expensive and even irreplaceablemaking their maintenance a specialist undertaking.  

With unique patterns and texturessuede, leather, fur sheepskin and pigskin are susceptible to staining and damage.  

Everyday wear, fluctuating climates and improper storage can leave their mark. Even the natural oils present in leather and suede can harm the texture if proper care is not taken.  

Suede, leather and fur cleaning, restoration, alteration and repair are among Jeeves’ signature servicesOur capabilities include leather jacket repairfur coat cleaning, suede shoe repair and the application of protective coatings. 

Our technicians inspect each item’s distinctive characteristics and select the most suitable treatment, whether traditional or using the latest technology. They then apply hand-finish for outstanding results.  

Trusting Jeeves to care for your valued suede, leather and fur pieces can ensure they remain at their most remarkable and last for generations.