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Your wedding and bridal garments are precious and deserve specialist attention that will ensure their preservation for generations.

Wedding Dress Cleaning, Preservation and Gown Storage

The time and effort you invest in your bridal garments doesn’t begin and end with your wedding day. Wedding dress alterations may be needed prior to ensure your dress is cut to perfection. Following wedding dress cleaning, you may wish to ready your gown for storage with wedding dress preservation 

At Jeeves, we take great pride in providing the highest degree of attention such special garments deserve. Over fifty years, we have built unparalleled experience in wedding dress cleaning, alterations, repairs and wedding dress preservation. 

Our craftspeople examine the fabrics and characteristics of all gowns prior to wedding dress cleaning to pinpoint optimal treatment methods. Ornamental features such as needlework, beads and embellishments are protected or removed beforehand and reinstated afterwards with painstaking precision. 

Opt for our wedding dress preservation service and have your gown delicately wrapped in acid-free tissue and arranged in an elegant, purposedesigned box.

Curious with how we take care of your special dress?

Watch our video on Bridal Gown Preservation. We make sure that the dress you wore on your special day will be preserved for a good 200 years down the line. We love taking care not just of clothes, but of memories too.

You have your gown ready?

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